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Looking for 4 US Retail Chains for a Pet Rescue Marketing Program

July 12th, 2012

WE ARE LOOKING for 4 US retail companies (a restaurant chain, national bank, home improvement chain – just about any company that wants to be recognized) who want to show they are –pet rescue family friendly– companies. There is no money to invest up front, just some small recognition of the rescue parent when they walk in the door of your establishment. Anyone with some connections or ideas please let me know.

The Insult of Calling A Customer “Small.”

October 24th, 2011

We are working on a new venture that will require the infrastructure of a very large data company. The plans are to have this company be a billion dollar venture in a few years, but we have, as of yet, to generate a penny in revenue. However we have very high hopes.

After calling them, and sending e-mails, I found out that our “account” was sent to their “small business division.”

We have seen the same thing with banks and other financial institutions, software companies and just about any corporation that has gotten so large that the “small business” customers have to be relegated to the small business division.

Well, here’s a message to all those who call our businesses “small businesses.” We may be small to you, but we are not small to ourselves, our families, our employees and others who count on us to deliver a decent living to a group of people. How dare you call us small? I am sure you are aware that the so-called “small” businesses account for the bulk of America’s jobs and the economy.

So here’s a word to the wise from this sage old marketing guy. Rename and reposition your small business division to something more in tune with your customers’ vision: Growth business Division, Growing Business Division or something else that shows your role in this company as a vendor is to help them grow, not put them down.

We are proud to be small businesses, but the way we are often labeled and passed along, you’d think your company had better things to do then spend any time selling us your services.

Wise up: think like the suppliers that you are, the remember you started out our size too. Think differently about how you communicate with and sell to small businesses. We may not have as much revenue as you, but in the grand scale of things, we ARE more important than you.

We are the Land of the Free – Because We Are The Home of the Brave.

May 31st, 2010

We take so much for granted. Do we realize that we are the luckiest people in the world? And the most blessed and resource rich (natural and human) people who have ever walked the Earth.

We have grocery stores, cars, abundant food and the opportunity to live free and pursue our dreams – whatever they are. We have the opportunity to fail AND succeed. We have it all.

We live by laws, a visionary Constitution written by men who were willing to give their lives for an ideal never before seen. And, for 240 years when asked to serve in the cause of America,  we have had men and women who have stood up, raised their hands and said, “Yes I will give up my life so that others might continue to be free.” Can you imagine the sacrifice they have made so that we can sit here and gleefully chat and exchange ideas, go to the beach, have a barbecue, buy a $199 washing machine on sale and even protest against the very things they sacrifice for, all in the name of freedom?

It should boggle your mind and humble you. It does me. It should make you say “thank you for your service” to every service man or woman who has ever worn the uniform. And not just today, every day. So I ask you all to make a commitment to do just that. Say thank you every time, every day you see a member of the armed services. Even better, if you see them out to lunch or dinner, pay for their meal – go above and beyond. Today, I make such a commitment.

So this afternoon as we lift our beers, margaritas, cokes, waters or whatever you are drinking, make a toast – “To the men and women who serve – thank you, from the bottom of our hearts for what you do for us everyday.”

We are the Land of the Free – Because we are The Home of the Brave.

We  salute you. God bless you all.

Someone stepped on the gas.

January 31st, 2010

After about a year and a half of molasses-like business, all of a sudden in December, we took off again like the old days. We have been extremely busy on corporate reposition projects, new websites, branding and design projects. Whew! From wondering where my next meal was coming from (figuratively) to being booked pretty solid until April, the year looks like it will turn into a good one. But why?

I spent a while trying to figure that out – the economy is still very slow and the recover very shallow. The best conclusion I can draw is that companies pulled back waiting for an economic recovery, but none was at hand. After more than a year of waiting and watching, they decided to take things into their own hands. The smart ones have made the decision to invest in a fresh look, a new direction, find new marketing ideas and plans. They just couldn’t wait any longer.

So by the sheer desire to get things moving again, companies one by one are starting to spend. As more and more do the same, that money they invest is passed through to my suppliers and vendors and in turn passed through to theirs. THAT is how a recover happens.

I also believe it has nothing to do with a stimulus package, but everything to do with the sprit of American business to grow and succeed. Watch the coming quarter’s growth figures and I think you will find that the economy is starting to percolate with new business activity, inventory purchases and a renewed trust in the economic engine of this country. small businesses.

From what was a dire circumstance last year, this year looks rather rosy indeed. I’m not sure who stepped on the accelerator, but I can already feel the wind in my hair (please no bald jokes).

A Google Search Engine Optimization and Keyword Test

July 1st, 2009

I bit the bullet today and bought and I am trying a Google experiment to see if I can get the keyword domain to show up higher than IDEAS4 does for certain keywords, like Tampa web design. Right now, IDEAS4 ranks pretty high – first page for all of my major keywords – so this will be interesting to see if this works.

I have a client who owns a name that shows up as the number 2 listing in his category – considering there are 10,000 competitors, this is pretty good! His website has only 4 pages of very strategically written content. His site has proven that it’s not the number of pages, but how well they are written and to a large extent, how old the domain is. There are excellent lessons to be learned here.

Anyway, back to I built the site with just a few pages, a minimalist site for someone who likes to share his knowledge with everyone. I kept it to about 4 pages with keywords kept below 3% of the total words – with mostly galleries of web design sites we have done and many of the unique branding we have done as well. As soon as I complete the site map, I will submit the site to Google, and see what happens. Stay tuned.

Superbowl In Tampa Today

February 1st, 2009

The Superbowl arrives in Tampa today, and luckily for all of us Tampa Bay natives, the weather is absolutely perfect. Sunny with a high about 65 degrees. It’s been a great week for our town, celebrities all over the place, the bars and restaurants packed with people – all in celebration of a football game that happens every year. Amazing!

I am a board member of an organization called Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay ( It is part of a national effort to assist low income people with renovation projects for their homes, things that they would never have been able to pay for themselves – like a roof, kitchen appliances, repairs to HVAC and hundred other things.

This past weekend our local chapter along with the national organization and almost 1000 volunteers came together to renovate 22 homes in Old West Tampa, a nearly forgotten part of town because the residents are low income.

One of the homes was in such bad repair, that the volunteers and sponsor companies that were assigned that home decided it was better to tear it down and build the family a new home in its place. With the assistance of the City of Tampa fast tracking permits, they went from old house to tear down to rebuilt and move-in in less that 40 days – only about 20 days of actual construction! The home is just beautiful and the family was all in tears on Friday when they were handed the keys to their new home.

It seems kind of ironic that here we are in the city where thousands of people are spending millions of dollars to watch a football game that will last a few hours – while 1000 volunteers give up their days and weekends and contribute money that they probably don’t have to help 22 families with home renovations that will last a lifetime, and hardly anyone will ever know about it. We got 20″ in the local paper with no pictures, the Superbowl got about 10,000 or more inches and several special sections about the game.

No wonder our priorities are so screwed up. Too bad there’s no big corporate payback in helping people. I guess that’s what it takes these days to get attention. Sad.