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Media To The Rescue Is Formed To End Pet Overpopulation and Abuse

October 28th, 2009

After being involved with pet rescue for almost 3 years now, trying to save one dog at a time and watching all of the rescues and shelters try their best to get the attention of the public about spay/neuter, adoption and animal abuse, it became clear that trying to save one at a time was a noble but fruitless long-term strategy to solve the problem. Yes, it saves some great dogs, but how long can a few people save a few dogs and get anywhere close to solving the problems we have brought on ourselves?

Enter the idea of Media to the Rescue, a combined effort of the Tampa Bay television stations, radio stations, outdoor companies and print media to do a joint marketing campaign to all the populations with a consistent message over a longer period of time than ever done before. We had our first meeting on October 15th and received support for our effort moving forward. Today we got confirmation that one of the television stations and a bunch of radio stations are working to move the idea forward.

The campaign will be called, Let’s Lick This, and will focus on pet overpopulation, with messages about spay/neuter and adoption, and pet abuse. The billboard campaign has already been developed as has much of the messaging for the campaign.

Media to the Rescue is looking for partners in broadcast creative, broadcast production and a website development to assist in developing additional materials for the campaign.

We are also looking for additional media partners who might be interested in seeing what the plans are, and how they can participate in the program.

Finally, we are looking for animal-based companies, companies run by animals lovers and advertisers that just want to provide a great community service by assisting in the rollout of this campaign.

For more information, contact us at