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Someone stepped on the gas.

January 31st, 2010

After about a year and a half of molasses-like business, all of a sudden in December, we took off again like the old days. We have been extremely busy on corporate reposition projects, new websites, branding and design projects. Whew! From wondering where my next meal was coming from (figuratively) to being booked pretty solid until April, the year looks like it will turn into a good one. But why?

I spent a while trying to figure that out – the economy is still very slow and the recover very shallow. The best conclusion I can draw is that companies pulled back waiting for an economic recovery, but none was at hand. After more than a year of waiting and watching, they decided to take things into their own hands. The smart ones have made the decision to invest in a fresh look, a new direction, find new marketing ideas and plans. They just couldn’t wait any longer.

So by the sheer desire to get things moving again, companies one by one are starting to spend. As more and more do the same, that money they invest is passed through to my suppliers and vendors and in turn passed through to theirs. THAT is how a recover happens.

I also believe it has nothing to do with a stimulus package, but everything to do with the sprit of American business to grow and succeed. Watch the coming quarter’s growth figures and I think you will find that the economy is starting to percolate with new business activity, inventory purchases and a renewed trust in the economic engine of this country. small businesses.

From what was a dire circumstance last year, this year looks rather rosy indeed. I’m not sure who stepped on the accelerator, but I can already feel the wind in my hair (please no bald jokes).