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The Franchise Phenomenon

November 20th, 2010

IDEAS4 has always been know as a full-service provider of branding/identity, marketing, advertising and website design and technology. I was a little short-sighted not to consider the huge market our service offerings can provide to a new or existing franchisor. My eyes have been opened by the addition of two new franchisors that did their research looking for a firm that could “do it all” and “do it well.” – They chose IDEAS4.

USA Mobile Drug Testing, a new franchise from Tampa is ramping up their sales and marketing, closing franchise deals and growing the business pretty quickly. We were tasked with developing all of the marketing materials for franchise sales, and for franchisee marketing – from theme lines to brochures, billboards, trade show materials, sales kits, posters, window decals, e-mail campaign materials, websites, franchisee administrative management tools and a whole lot more.

Our materials have gotten rave reviews from the franchisor, franchise brokers, franchisee prospects and just about everyone else who has had a chance to see it.

HEIWA Club is a new health and fitness franchise planning to launch in early 2011. The need everything that a startup business would need, from a new logo design, positioning statement, marketing and media plan, branded merchandise, website, brochures, advertising, CRM systems and much more. Thanks to our affiliation with BNI (Business Networking International ) we were also able to bring in Michelle Earley of MLE Designs to handle the interior design (she is awesome – hire her!).

We also brought in Suzie Boland of RFB Communications to assist with the franchisee communications and public relations for the company. RFB has extensive experience in working with franchisees and was a natural fit for HEIWA, too.

So our goal for 2011 is to be a force in franchise development marketing. With two great projects underway, and one more in the pipeline, we’re poised to be a player in the coming years.

If you know of someone who is considering franchise development and is looking for a marketing team that “gets it” and is honest about its services, pricing and capabilities. Please ask them to consider IDEAS4.

Have a great holiday season everyone!