How To Make The Economy Go Again

I have become increasingly nervous over the past several weeks as the number of projects in Florida and around the world that have begun to slow and in some case stop. Many very good, potentially profitable projects have been put on hold until the economy improves. The funny thing is, they ARE the economy. 

If these projects moved forward, and money was spent, it would then begin circulating. As more money circulates. business begins to improve and more money gets circulated. It seems like a fairly simple concept, and maybe I just don’t get the big picture – but where are the cheerleaders and even just plain leaders? Oh they are in Washington getting ready to spend your trillions on a stimulus package that most agree won’t work anyway!

Since much of this turmoil was media generated in the first place, where are they in all this mess? Their revenues have tanked along with everyone else’s – They always seem willing to bring you the bad news where are they when we need good news to get the economy off its feet again?

It’s gonna take the folks, small and large businesses alike to push through the cloud of uncertainty and start spending money on previously green-lighted projects. If we all start ramping up our spending/buying, the rust on the wheels of the economy will begin flaking off and it will reengage once again.

There are trillions of dollars sitting in bank accounts of corporations unwilling to spend it. They want the government to do all the spending and risk taking – meaning they want someone else to take the lead, mainly, the American people. They have the luxury because the government is giving away money – how stupid is that? If they want their business to improve – and the economy as a whole, start spending again. It’s really that simple.

Posted on February 5th, 2009 by admin
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