Branding and Logo Design

$800 $500

Your logo is the visual representation of your company. Your company/brand visual identity is comprised of the “mark” or graphic element such as McDonald’s “Golden Arches” along with your company name in a typographically interesting and memorable design.

Using colors, fonts and images we create a unique visual representation of your company’s brand. This allows prospects and customers an easy way to identify with you.

We discuss with you your company mission and goals, your business philosophy and employee engagement. All of these points and more create the essence of your brand that must be translated into a visual format.

Traditionally, we design several versions with various marks,  typography and colors and provide those options to you for review. We then narrow the choices and provide color alternatives, font alternatives and horizontal and vertical versions to evaluate the flexibility of the logo design.

Once a final design is chosen, you get a complete package of all the different file formats you will need for any occasion, including web, social media, printing, tradeshows, and even outdoor boards.