SEO Services


Initial Set Up Includes:

A total ranker based on your keywords to establish where you rank now.

Organic SEO: High-quality backlink building to improve ranks across a variety of keywords (normally $1,500/m)

Local SEO: citations/directories, local pages, pictures, keywords, categories, etc to hundreds of directories and social profiles, to improve city-specific ranks ($997/m normally)

Ad Management: Campaign creation, ads, ad groups, keywords, negative keywords to reduce wasted clicks, extensions, and more ($295/m for Adwords + $195/m for Bing + 15% normally)

Google Analytics + Search Console: set up, monitoring and SEO/ad adjustment based on behavioral analytics (~4 hours @ $100/hr = $400/m value)

Consultation and Support: ($100/hr normally ~4 hours = $400/m value)




Your Expected Return Is:

  • Improved ranks, leading to
  • Improved organic traffic (2x to 10x within the first few months is likely), leading to
  • Improved inquiries (calls and/or emails), leading to
  • Improved sales
  • More free time to focus on operating your business or delegating, with more inbound leads and cash flow coming to you, rather than doing as much outbound marketing
  • Traffic, inquires and sales can be expected to improve by 2x-10x within the first few months, if we’re given the proper budget and ability to execute.